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In today’s challenging times, infection control is on everyone’s mind. Now more than ever, people are relying on clean, safe healthcare uniforms and linens.

Now is the time to review your infection control practices and allow a professional laundry to handle your healthcare uniform and linen needs. Your focus is on your patients, and a reliable laundry service can make your job easier.

Infection Control is a Science

Public health is the utmost concern right now, and you want to make sure that your facility and employees are as clean and germ-free as possible. This is the perfect time to not only review your own infection control practices, but to also find a partner who can help you.

For example, if your employees are washing any of their uniforms at home, microbes may not be completely washed out. Uniforms need to be washed at certain temperatures with the right mixture of chemicals in order to ensure that they stay clean and safe. Working with a professional laundry service gives peace of mind because their infection control practices have been rigorously screened and tested.

A Laundry Service Lifts a Burden

When reviewing your facility’s infection control practices, it may feel overwhelming. Where do you start? There are so many moving pieces, especially in a time like this. Your focus is on providing patients the care that they need to heal. Worrying about your laundry services is an additional burden that can distract from other important matters.

A professional laundry service will lift that burden off of your shoulders. They will pick up and deliver your linens on a schedule that suits your facility’s needs so that you can focus on what’s most important – your patients.

Hygienically Clean Matters

Working with a Hygienically Clean certified provider will ensure that your items are laundered in the cleanest way possible. In order to be certified Hygienically Clean, a laundry has to be committed to best laundry practices as verified by third-party testing and ongoing microbial testing.

These tests confirm that a laundry has employees who are properly trained and protected, managers who understand legal requirements, OSHA-compliant policies, and effective operations. Unitex is proud to be Hygienically Clean certified, and we are always working to maintain that certification.

Unitex is Your Reliable Laundry Service Provider

Public safety is all of our responsibility. At Unitex, the health and safety of our employees and our customers is our number one priority. We are here to support your facility by providing high-quality materials and outstanding, Hygienically Clean certified laundry services.

For more information on our laundry services as well as our healthcare linen and uniform rental services, contact us today at (914) 840-3200.

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