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Does your healthcare facility need the help of a medical linen service? Challenges facing healthcare facilities of all kinds are 

Why Medical Linen Service is More Important than Ever

There are so many issues hounding the healthcare industry. The boost that healthcare linen service offers has never been so urgent. Here’s why you need to sign up for a reliable medical linen service:

Protection from Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) have always been a threat to healthcare facilities. But the threat has become greater than ever. Pre-pandemic, US hospitals averaged an estimated 1.7 million infections per year, with 99,000 deaths. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC has seen a significant rise in HAIs. Linen care and handling have always played a key role in the prevention of HAIs. With linens being a critical factor in HAI control, consistency, and efficiency in linen care are crucial. 

Medical linen service can provide that with more ease! Third-party service providers, unlike your OPLs, aren’t saddled by other areas of healthcare service. They give you the best assurance of high-quality medical laundry and handling that can reinforce your infection control processes. You can focus on your core operations, without fearing for the quality or availability of your essential supplies.

A Break from Rising Utility Costs

The budget has always been a point of contention when it comes to whether or not to hire a healthcare linen service. Many healthcare facilities believe that keeping things in-house is the more cost-efficient answer to their linen care needs. But, considering the rising cost of utilities, running industrial laundry equipment in-house will prove to be more expensive. This, combined with the cost of equipment maintenance and labor, proves that OPLs are no longer cost-efficient. And these are costs that you no longer have to shoulder in full with a healthcare linen service provider.

The Best Medical Linen Service That You Need NOW

The choice you make regarding your healthcare linen service can make or break your linen management system. That is why you need nothing short of the best medical linen service expert. That is why you need Unitex!

Unitex provides:

  • Accredited Healthcare Laundry Service. At Unitex, we pride ourselves on the quality and dependability of our laundry service. And we have the accreditations to show that! With Unitex, you can trust that your linens are laundered to the highest industry standards. We’ve designed our laundry service to provide you with the support that you need for your infection control efforts.
  • Superior Healthcare Linen Selections. Unitex also offers the widest selection of high-quality linens for every area of your operations. We understand the impact of linen quality on both the patient experience and their overall satisfaction. That is why we have placed stringent safeguards to ensure that each linen you receive is comfortable, durable, and most importantly: clean.
  • Customer Support Every Step of the Way. Unforeseen circumstances can crop up at any time, for any reason. And without the right contingency measures, this can affect your operations. Unitex’s answer to that is our strong customer service system. We make sure that someone on our team stays on top of your needs. You can always expect the utmost care and attention for your concerns and needs, no matter what they are.

Contact Unitex Today!

Get a head start on your medical linen needs and sign up for Unitex’s expert medical linen service today. Call us at 914-840-3200 or message us here for more information!