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Are you still looking for ways to ease up your rising overhead costs? Check out our list of ways hospitals can save money!

1. Improve IT systems.

An improved IT system may sound like a lot of money, but the long-term benefits make the investment well worth it. Here are some reasons why:

  • A streamlined IT system streamlines other processes. Without all the hassle of manual paperwork, an improved and seamless IT system will save your manpower the time and effort wasted on looking up records, auditing an inventory, processing bills, etc. With less time spent on different processes, you are allowing for increased productivity for your staff and shorter waiting times for your patients.
  • Going paperless saves cash. A 2014 survey found that a regular office spends an average of $80 on paper per employee, annually. This does not include the costs of toners and electricity. A better IT system will allow for more paperless transactions and costs which, in the long run, will translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.
  • An improved automated system will reduce the costs incurred by human error scenarios. Human error can be costly – just ask the Amazon employee that almost cost the US economy millions in revenue. An efficient IT system takes over most tasks virtually, which reduces the risks of costly mistakes from human errors.

2. Cut down on food waste. 

In a study done in healthcare facilities in Canada, it was found that, on average, 0.22 to 0.67 kilograms of food go to waste in every meal. All this food waste contributes to the millions of kilograms of solid waste that comes from healthcare facilities every year. By finding more proactive ways of cutting food waste, not only does your hospital save on the cost of waste management, but you also contribute to the global movement against food waste.

3. Promote a healthier lifestyle for your staff.

A healthier human resource team means fewer sick days and faster and more efficient work, leading to generally more productive operations. This study shows a $3 savings per $1 investment in a health and wellness program for the company. The program helped significantly cut down the costs of employee hospital stays and absenteeism.

Some ways to introduce this program include:

  • Promoting regular health and wellness activities for staff and employees.
  • Offering healthier options in the cafeteria.
  • Targeting specific wellness areas (i.e. diabetes prevention among employees). 

4. Enroll in a linen rental program.

linen rental program

Hospital linen management takes up a huge bulk of overhead expenses. Linen rental programs help hospitals cut down on these costs by saving on electricity charges and the maintenance cost of laundry equipment, as well as providing easier regulation and maintenance of scrubs, patient gowns, and other linens through proper tracking.

A reliable medical linen service provider can also help hospitals employ better and more efficient safeguards against linen cross-contamination through the careful handling of soiled linens.

With better tracking, improved pickup and delivery systems, ease in inventory management, and foolproof, high-quality results, your medical facility can surely save big bucks with the help of the right linen service provider.

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