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Medical linen service through an established, professional facility provides more than the materials they deliver. They offer reliability, peace of mind, and certifiably high-quality inventory, assuming the right provider is chosen.

Here’s what professional medical linen service offers health care facilities that utilize them, and what you can expect of your own experience:

High-Quality Linen and Apparel 

A truly professional medical linen service supplies medical linen and garments that are  a facility’s linens and apparel, both for professional and patient use. The range of selections varies from one service provider to another. 

Some carry nothing more than the basics of bed and bath linens plus patient gowns. Others have a more inclusive selection with critical linens such as those used in the surgical rooms. Others have specialized items for different treatments, like cardiology capes. It’s important to check the carried inventory of a potential provider and to shop around for one that supplies most, if not all your needs.

Outsourcing your linen needs will help expand and upgrade inventory without the cost and commitment of upfront investment.

Professional Laundering and Handling Process

A professional medical linen service specializes in the care and maintenance of your linens. Although laundering is the focal point of maintenance, proper handling is also an important element of medical linen service. This is a crucial element to linen preservation and patient recovery.

It’s no secret that linen loss is a massive, nearly billion-dollar problem in the healthcare industry. Linen abuse is a major factor in the problem. Proper preventive care ensures that your linen inventory reaches its useful life, giving you maximum use of your investment.

Medical linens that are professionally cared for and transported are also better for the patients that use them. Contamination can take place at any stage after laundering, but especially during storage and transportation. An experienced and careful service provider will minimize the factors that create contaminated linens. 

Accurate and Timely Pick-Up and Delivery Process

The pickup and delivery of healthcare linens sound straightforward and uncomplicated, but there’s more to it than picking up and dropping off.. The process is a complex balancing act that factors in perfect timing and balancing supply and demand while enforcing strict infection control protocols. Efficiency and supply stability are far from the only things that are at stake in the process. 

Professional medical linen service providers make sure that soiled linens are isolated and transported safely. They also make sure that clean linens arrive in a timely manner. All the while, they also work closely with each facility’s inventory manager to ensure the accuracy of linen volume. That is on top of making sure that the items come in proper, hygienic packaging protected from cross-contamination. That’s the complete, polar opposite of simple and uncomplicated.

The Right Professional Medical Linen Service for Your Facility

You’ve made the right choice: a medical linen service has the best solutions for your facility. The bigger question, and more important choice, is where to get your service from.

If you’re in the market for high-quality healthcare linen and uniform service, there’s only one name to trust: Unitex! Unitex specializes in the care and supply of medical linen and uniforms. Our expertise spans over a hundred years; the family business has sown its seeds all the way back from 1915. This expansive experience is evident in everything that we do. We bring you the assurance of cleanliness, convenience, cost-efficiency, and complete satisfaction.

No matter how big or small your facility may be, you can trust that Unitex has all the best solutions and the best results for your needs.

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