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For healthcare facilities, medical uniform service offers more than medical apparel delivered regularly. It provides a reliable partner, a pillar of operations, and a new level of control over a facility’s hygiene and presentation.

6 Ways Medical Uniform Service Improves Cleanliness and Professionalism

Healthcare uniform service offers many surprising benefits to medical facilities that employ them. Here are some of the best benefits for medical facilities:

1. Ensures Uniform Cleanliness Every Shift

One of the most important benefits of healthcare uniform service is that it helps maintain cleanliness standards throughout every shift. Every time an employee changes into a new set of scrubs, they get into garments cleaned to professional standards. This is in contrast to what often happens when employees wash their scrubs, leading to missed spots and inconsistency from one shift to the next.

2. Improves Branding Control

Another benefit is that it improves a facility’s control over branding. By using a professional service provider, healthcare facilities ensure their staff is always wearing uniforms that reflect the facility’s brand and mission with intention and cohesion. This is especially important for larger facilities that may have many different departments and varying levels of uniformity.

3. Unifies Staff in a Visible and Effective Way

Medical uniform service also helps unify staff behind a facility’s mission. By making sure that everyone is wearing the same type of medical uniform, service providers help to create a sense of cohesion and team spirit among employees. This can be a big boost to morale and can also lead to better patient care.

4. Allows for Customization

Customization through an experienced service provider will supercharge a facility’s branding efforts. With customization, healthcare facilities can add logos and name tags to scrubs, coats, and other apparel. This not only improves interpersonal communication between staff and patients but helps solidify an employee’s connection to the facility.

5. Improves Job Satisfaction

It might not sound like much: providing clean uniforms for employees to wear on a daily basis. The time, money, and labor that washing uniforms subtracts from an employee’s life is probably negligible. What it does do is show that their employer values their time, labor, and the safety of their family. Employers who care about their employees can only prove it through consistent action. That’s exactly what uniform service provides.

6. Decreases Likelyhood of Garment Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination of uniforms is a major problem in the healthcare industry. This is because it’s relatively easy for diseases to transfer from one person to another through contaminated clothing. Taking home communicable diseases is a healthcare worker’s nightmare, especially if they live with family. If workers don’t have to bring their worn scrubs home, they can truly relax and leave work at the door.

Unitex: The Ideal Medical Apparel Service Provider

Unitex is a leading provider of healthcare uniform service in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island. Contact us here to see if your facility is within our service area, or call us at (914) 840-3200. We look forward to hearing from you!