paterson, nj linen and uniform rentals by unitex textile services

In need of a reliable and reputable medical linen service partner for your Paterson medical facility? Look no further; Unitex is the best choice out there! We can provide for your need no matter how big or small your need is, and how specific your schedules or special preferences are. Unitex can respond to your every concern without jeopardizing excellence and quality.

Services Offered

Patient Linen Apparel

Different patients have different needs where patient gowns and sheets are concerned. Always be ready to respond to these needs, no matter how challenging they can be, with a constant supply of fresh patient linens and apparel with the help of Unitex! We can help you not only manage your consumption but also make sure that each patient gets gowns and sheets safe and ready to use at all times no matter how often they need them.

Medical Apparel

Consultation coats, lab coats, and nursing scrubs are some of the first things that catch on harmful elements from medical facilities. Make sure your medical staff’s apparel and uniforms are in no way a danger to your patients and your immediate environs by leaving their laundry processing in the hands of Unitex. We have a dedicated facility, especially for these linens that should never be exposed to other equally important linens like patient gowns and sheets.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

The size of assisted living facilities is hardly proportional to the bulk of the demands of running them, especially where linens and laundry are concerned. No matter how small or how big the facility is, keeping linens and personal items in their best condition is looming and sometimes overwhelming. To better handle your laundry and linens without the burden of it, get the help of Unitex! Our resident clothing and specialty services allow you to provide individualized laundry services and packaging for your patients’ residents.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

High-quality linen services are hard to come by in Paterson, NJ. Linen services that are fit to handle and process surgical linens and protective apparel are even rarer. Then again, there is always Unitex. Our specialized facility made for surgical linens and apparel is fitted with some of the most advanced linen processing technology to make sure that each item goes back to your facility in mint condition – devoid of any trace of bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Uniform Rental Services

Give your workforce a new look and your business an upgraded one with custom-designed uniforms! Unitex offers some of the best quality uniform materials in the New Jersey area, with various designs and superior embroidery to match. We also have the facilities to make sure your uniforms are maintained in tiptop shape at all times.

Environmental Services Products

In any medical facility, big or small, safety relies greatly on cleanliness. Environmental service products like mops play a crucial role which is why it is also of utmost importance to ensure that these items are made of the finest materials and maintained in a quality that fits the highest of the medical industry standards. For hassle-free and top-quality environmental service products, go for Unitex! We have a range of options including Microfiber materials and anti-fatigue mats designed for the demanding medical environment.

Facility Management Services

Laundry and linen costs are oft the silent killers of business’ budget. For medical facilities, it can get even more overwhelming. Don’t make the same mistakes as many other facilities; seek help with Unitex’s facility management services! We have a team of professionals who can help you devise ways to save up on your linen usage and costs as well as inventory management, linen tracking, and costing. We have been working with medical linens for 90 years, so it’s safe to say that we are your most reputable go-to resource for some much-needed linen management assistance!

Prestige Linen

Give your medical facility a feel of luxury and top-level comfort by investing in Unitex’s Prestige Linen! Prestige offers special linens like oversized robes, towels, and sheets with higher thread counts. Coupled with our commitment to and reputation for quality and excellence in everything, Unitex’s Prestige is everything you need to boost your linen standards and earn the admiration of your patients.