Medical Linen and Uniform Services in New York City

Unitex Textile Rental Services

Do you need a reliable medical linen service in New York City? Unitex is one of the biggest and most trusted linen services in the area. We have separate facilities for different types of clients and linens to ensure safety and avoid cross-contamination between delicate and non-delicate items. We also do deliveries at times that best works for you and your business.

Services Offered

Patient Linen Apparel

In need of patient gowns, sheets, and other linens for your patients? We have the best choices for your linens to help keep your patients comfortable and clean. Our deliveries are on-time, regular, and customizable according to the schedule that best works for you so you’ll never have to worry about running out of linens for your patients.

Medical Apparel

We have a line of the highest quality medical apparel – from scrubs to warm up jackets as well as lab coats – and everything else you would need for your medical staff. Unitex also allows you to make individual choices and preferences on materials, sizing, and other factors to make sure that each member of your team gets the uniform that he/she needs.

Resident Clothing/Specialty Services

Assisted living facilities won’t have to take care of the bulk of personal and facility-owned linens that their residents use on a daily basis because we at Unitex have a specialized facility to handle these types of items. We also have items for rental like bedspreads and blankets.

Surgical Linen and Protective Apparel

Provide your surgical team with our line of non-disposable surgical linens and protective clothing. Our moisture-free choices are approved by surgeons and nurses everywhere. Plus, we have both the expertise and the technology that will help make sure your most delicate and most important of surgical linens are cleaned properly and under the strict guidelines of industry standards.

Uniform Rental Services

Give your staff a more organized look with customized uniforms. Include your logo and staff’s names on their lab coats, scrubs, and jackets so they don’t only look like the professionals that they are; they also get to represent your company while at it.

Environmental Services Products

Keep your facilities clean and safe for your staff and your patients. Check out Unitex’s line of high quality materials for cleaning and anti-slip matting. We also provide trainings for your cleaning staff n how to maximize use of our environmental service products to achieve optimum results.

Facility Management Services

Leave all your linen and inventory problems to the experts. Unitex offers management services for your linens and laundry department – we will help you maximize your stocks without expanding your costs. Our dedicated team is experienced and skilled enough to take the bulk of the linen burden away from you.

Prestige Linen

Offer higher quality, more luxurious towels, sheets, and gowns for your patients with our line of Prestige Linen. We use higher count linens to bring out that luxurious feel that they won’t likely get elsewhere.