Wondering what healthcare workers love about uniform service? There’s no denying the importance of high-quality uniforms in a medical setting. They play a crucial role not only in how your employees look when they face patients. More importantly, they play a role in the comfort and safety of your employees while at work. They ultimately affect productivity, accuracy, and the overall patient experience.

But what, exactly, can medical uniform service do for your uniform supplies? It’s definitely more than just delivering perfectly folded and stored scrubs!

This is What Healthcare Workers Love About Uniform Service

The benefits of medical uniform service affect more than just your operational efficiency. Your employees stand the most to gain from it. Here’s why your employees will love it:

Accessible Medical Uniforms

Medical uniform service removes the burden and responsibility of maintaining uniform supplies from your employees. Your supplies arrive at the right time and in the right quantity, meeting your needs accurately every time. No matter how busy or how difficult the situation is, uniforms become the least of your employees’ worries.

Hassle-Free Quality Control for Medical Uniforms

Medical uniform service comes with the assurance of superior quality control. Expert quality control is what ensures optimal wearer experience for your employees’ day-to-day garment needs. Employees don’t have to worry about having to wear second-rate uniforms or ones that show visible signs of tear.

Safety and Convenience in Medical Uniform Maintenance

Every type of healthcare laundering is always rife with risks. Medical uniforms like scrubs contain and can transfer billions of harmful pathogens in a single work shift. The risks are even higher when employees launder scrubs at home. Mistakes can happen at any point in the handling process with dire consequences. It can put your patients, employees, and even their loved ones at stake. Medical uniform service eliminates these risks. Trained professionals carry out the entirety of the handling process with all the necessary precautions and according to safety standards. And all that at no added effort or inconvenience for your employees.

Reduced Costs in Uniform Supply and Care

Keeping up with your unform supply needs can be quite an expensive endeavor. Medical uniform service can help with that. The cost of outsourcing uniform service already covers both the cost of the inventory and all the areas needed for its maintenance.

Unitex: The Medical Uniform Service that Healthcare Workers Love

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, nothing should stand in your way when signing up for a reliable medical uniform service! And in the greater New York area, there’s only one you can fully trust: Unitex!

Unitex is one of the biggest, most trusted healthcare linen and uniform service providers in New York. We have the technical and inventory capacity to meet your needs, whenever and wherever. We can give you the convenience, ease, and efficiency of meeting your uniform supply needs.

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